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Time 2 Grub is probably because it resembles a food truck rather than a restaurant in the traditional sense of the word. It may be the most popular restaurant of its kind in Los Angeles, but I'm counting on the wandering masses to leave and opt for the more traditional, casual, and affordable options.

It is tucked away in a huge bright orange monolith known as the Sol Plaza Boutique Mall, often referred to as one of the most popular shopping malls in Los Angeles County. Small shops, most of them black and mostly white owners, are located around the shopping center and sell everything from clothing and accessories to home accessories, jewelry, clothing, shoes, furniture, accessories, toys, electronics, food, etc. If you are not at home or at work, there is a wide range of shops and restaurants, all of which carry their own cultural weight.

Lancaster and Palmdale are isolated from much of Los Angeles County, including the Coronavirus pandemic. There have also been a number of large protests in the area to protest the district's failure to maintain the large-scale Black Lives Matter campaign. In 2011, the Los Angeles County district sued the owner of the Sol Plaza Boutique Mall and its owner Rex Brown for running a campaign to encourage black and low-income Latino families to move to the area.

Restrictions have since been lifted nationwide and food trucks are free to drive around, but the Time 2 Grub restaurant space is in operation. Dave stands on the side of the car park, peeling ribs on an open charcoal grill; mac'n'cheese, collared vegetables and more are back. Fans can also order home-made food from the extensive menu, which includes burgers, sandwiches, soups, salads, side dishes and much more. Time2Grub is back in a low-curved plywood stand wrapped in artificial tiles with a shingle roof of 10 feet; the Mac'n "cheese and collar and greens, along with more, are in the back; and Dave's is still out the front door.

Back then, the only place in the area that even came close to fulfilling my southern - leaning - wish was a staple restaurant in Louisiana that offered buttocks, mac and cheese and jambalaya in nearby Palmdale. This type of cuisine is available in Southern California, although the usual staples are at home, such as macs, collared vegetables and collared vegetables.

I think it was the crab legs that convinced the owner of the boutique mall Sol Plaza to give them a place at the back of the building. Bella runs the shop with her sister Bella, who serves a macaroni salad with mac and cheese, herb and herb vegetables, and a variety of other dishes. In addition to the weekly Lancaster farmers market, the Blackmons also have their own booth in the Sol Plaza in the Boutiques Mall.

Where are the fried turkey thighs, smothered pork chops, prawn-laden pasta or whatever you want? Neal founded Time 2 Grub in 2013 after he provided food to potential customers on social media. He was able to obtain a permit to cook in his house without permission and to open a food truck in the then closed shopping centre.

When Eater began reporting the story in February, Neal estimated that deliveries were coming in, especially on sleepy weekdays at the mall. His parents ran the cash register and helped with the barbecue, and children played in front of the restaurant's jazz painting. Black families came Sunday, followed by shopping and other nearby stalls. He took that as a sign - a scary one - and decided to work to meet a need in his community by selling soul food at home.

D & B is no longer a restaurant, as the name suggests, although the couple has now become on the same level as the city's Chamber of Commerce, where they join the Sol Plaza in an open hall every month. It will take some time - perhaps years - for Neal and Blackmons to recover financially from the lost months of cancelled dining, and it is too early to say whether things are normal for Neal and Blackmons when they reopen and operate their restaurant.

But the cafe is back in business, says Bella Blackmon, and the regular customers make it worthwhile. The chefs are back at work, but it's not just the chefs who have been back at D & B for six months.

The restaurant does not offer the same service as the people who pay their bills, but you have to feed as many of them as possible. This type of restaurant can be opened at any price, and there is no question that there is a huge demand for this type of cuisine in Palmdale, as in other parts of California.

Over the years, some families moved and settled in the communities that line California Highway 14, which meant joining the car - and moving out of the cities of Compton, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside. Compton is now only 30% black, but when you combine that with the population of Palmdale, Southern California's second-largest city, it is clear that it surpasses only San Francisco and San Diego in terms of population growth.

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