Palmdale California Westin Hotel

Benchmark Development and InterMountain Management are pleased to announce the completion of Element Hotel in Palmdale, California, the first of its kind in the state of California. This newly built hotel, owned and developed by Condor Hospitality, will give visitors to PalMDale the opportunity to experience a new kind of hotel experience, where they can stay connected and feel alive during their trip. Today we announce that we are opening Element Hotel in the heart of this fast-growing, dynamic and vibrant community of more than 1,000 residents.

Element Palmdale will be the first hotel of its kind in the state of California and will also feature a full-service restaurant, bar, fitness center, spa and spa. Guests can customize their rooms to suit their needs, from swivel flat screen televisions to custom designed closets and private bathrooms.

The vitality of the lobby is complemented by a weekly evening reception, allowing guests to socialize and enjoy local food and drink, microbrewed beer, live music and live entertainment. Guests will find everything they need to be more productive and maintain their use of green materials, while driving a hybrid car will be rewarded with priority parking. Smart design and clever energy use not only make guests feel stronger and younger at work, but also make it easier for them to work hard and play hard, be better and relax easily.

We want guests to start every day with the feeling of staying a few nights, settling in for a few weeks and maintaining the rhythm of their lives, even if they stay for a few days or weeks. We will archive all old 36-month reports to keep them relevant for future trips, as well as the latest ones.

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InterMountain Management's commitment to success was demonstrated by its commitment to sustainability and development of the Palmdale California Westin Hotel. Elements went down in history as the only major hotel brand to achieve LEED certification for high-performance buildings. They were the first hotel brands in the country to require all hotels to apply a nationally recognized standard for maximum energy efficiency, sustainability and sustainability in their buildings. Element is also making history by requiring all its hotels to achieve at least 50 percent LEed certification and maximum 100 percent renewable energy by 2020.

Elements can participate in the Rewards System - a loyalty program that members can link to their hotel, resort or resort - and special credit and debit cards.

A 24-hour fitness centre offers modern equipment to help guests live well while on the go. In addition, each room has a fully equipped kitchen with ENERGY STAR appliances for preparing gourmet dishes. To awaken the senses, each room is equipped with an open interior - full of air and light - and a natural lighting system. Guests are greeted and guided through a signature portal that literally forms a bridge to the interior of the element.

Everything imaginable seems to be present in the microurb, but the real place is hard to find. Those who walk carelessly are not allowed to enter the country; nevertheless, they are encouraged to enter on many levels. The "micro-URB" space confuses us with its pastiche of superficial reflection, which confuses coordination and instead encourages submission.

The intuitive staff will provide guests with the personal attention they need and the desire to keep balance on the go. We offer well-designed seating, a wide selection of food and excellent views of the Pacific Ocean.

More About Palmdale

More About Palmdale