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Palmdale itself is a quiet residential area, however, better known for its local club scene and events such as the Palmdale Jazz & Wine Festival. The city of Palmdales, California, home to the largest city in the state of California and the second largest in California, is home to some of the hottest dance clubs in the country, according to a recent study.

The area has also seen large Black Lives Matter protests, which have continued since the death of Trayvon Martin by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014. In 2011, the Los Angeles County district sued the city of Palmdale and its then-mayor Rex Perez for betting against black and Latino families moving to the area.

Restrictions have since been lifted nationwide and the time at the Time 2 Grub restaurant is over. The wifi here is strong and free, food trucks can walk around freely and there are tables perfect for scripts, as well as a full bar.

Children play in front of the restaurant's jazz screen and Neal's parents would run the till and help with the barbecue. The full service coffee bar keeps you decaf, while the menu of smoothies and sandwiches keeps you full. While oxtail rice is a common staple at home, this kind of cooking does not exist in the era of Time 2 Grub. If you are like me, when you have your dessert ready, you will be mashed and rubbed with salt and pepper.

The best way to cook prawns and crabs in the backyard is to knock your socks off, Brignac promises. On Sundays, it is better if black families come early and then shop at other nearby stalls.

The menu is extensive, but the soul - staples are simply served in styrofoam containers. The combinations come with sweet tea and Kool - help to drink, and there is a menu of soups, salads, pasta, sandwiches, burgers and other dishes.

The numerous bars, staffed by distinguished bartenders who create creative cocktails, offer ultra-high-quality liqueurs and can even offer a swanky VIP bottle service. Dance music in the Rumba Room varies, but most evenings are themed, from salsa nights to mainstream pop nights. Touring DJs regularly come along with special guests, and the theme parties include Hollywood star parties.

When Eater began telling the story in February, Neal estimated that deliveries would arrive, especially on sleepy weekdays at the mall. Back then, the only place in the area that came close to meeting our southern - lopsided desires was the typical Louisiana restaurant that made po - boy mac - and cheese and jambalaya in nearby Palmdale. The modest place will not score highly for ambience or decoration, but the extensive Mediterranean menu makes it one of the city's most popular spots, says Bella Blackmon. This café is slightly more expensive than the other restaurants on the list ($10- $15 per person), but regular customers make it worthwhile.

The very definition of mom - and - pop shop, at Armani everything is fresh and prepared - to order. Neal started Time 2 Grub by cooking in his house without permission and showing off the food to potential customers on social media. While the model has now gone from Instagram direct messages and postmates ordering food trucks to food trucks, the concept of cooking - in - your - house - without - a permit, home - cooked food continues to resonate with the community. In this sense, it is no surprise that they had a slight success in selling to people who went out to eat at home.

Neal secured permission to open a food truck in the then-closed mall, and a second location opened in Minnesota in 2012. A few years later, credit cards have paid off and Nadja's Cakes is booming with her TV appearances. Jimenez and her husband opened the spot with just a credit card, but a few months later they opened a spot in Los Angeles with just $1,000 in cash.

The time has come for the chefs to return to work, with a new cookbook, new staff and new recipes for their new restaurant.

I think it was the crab legs that convinced the owners of the Sol Plaza Boutique Mall to give them a place at the back of the building. Owner Crystal is an L.A. pastry chef who has honed her ice cream making skills over the years and is even referred to as "ice goddess" by the owner of L, A Creamery. 135 different cakes and cupcakes are made here, rotating according to the whim of the baker. There's a chain of Baskin-Robbins going into the desert, but other sweets are wreaking delicious havoc on your waistline.

If you're thirsty, head to the food court, where you can be served roast turkey legs, smothered pork chops, prawn-laden noodles and a variety of salads.

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